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Welcome to GoLoot

This is an exciting moment!

My name is Lucas, CEO & Founder at GoLoot, a Montreal based mobile advertising startup. In 2020, through this horrible pandemic, we raised a sizable SEED Round to pursue our ambitious vision: go beyond mobile advertising impressions to create meaningful interactions between brands and users.

What does that mean, exactly? Back in 2017, I left my house on a chilly night to play for the first time “Pokemon Go”. One of the world’s most viral mobile games, reaching over 1 billion downloads in less than a year. An app that consumed our lives and the attention of every media for months, before quietly fading out, like any trend in this hectic world. This particular moment made me realize how democratized mobile games had become, and once I was struck with this realization, I couldn’t help but notice every pedestrian, every passenger on the bus or on the subway, billions of them everyday, a phone in hand, slouched over their favorite mobile experiences. And through these colorful and vibrant experiences hid an unexpected adversary, a clear and distinct interruption of these digital works of art, a moment when the playful smile of these users escaped to give way to disinterest, even disgust; mobile ads. Advertising in every format; videos, banners, pop ups, natives, rewarded, flashy, loud, buzzing, intrusive, in-your-face. You can’t escape them, like loud bugs, so you learn to live with them. It’s something the modern consumer is expected to endure throughout his mobile experiences, and we, at GoLoot, asked a crucial question: why?

That’s why we founded GoLoot, to create mobile advertising that matters. To create a valuable experience for brands, an opportunity for them to connect with users in meaningful ways. Our product was built by users, for users; choice, synergy, experience, convenience and value are at the helm of our advertising journey. A revolution in advertising is long overdue, and not a revolution driven by optimism; a simple revolution, anchored in necessity.

GoLoot is set, after years of ideation and over a year of development, to introduce its first product to market by Q1 2021. An exciting time for GoLoot and its partners, but a greater excitement for our team, growing as we speak, that invested nights and days in the continuous (and, trust me, it’s only the beginning) success of our venture.

Without further ado, please welcome our core team!

Pierce Borne, CMO

Former Chief of Sales at Narcity Media, where his exploits earned him a 30 under 30 mention from InfoPresse, Pierce is a young, entrepreneurial and ambitious leader, recognized in his field for his insatiable appetite for growth.

After a year as an independent consultant, Pierce joined GoLoot’s executive team to materialize our mutual vision and introduce advertisers from around the world to this innovation.

Alex Gueriguian, CPO

A consummate student of human behavior, Alex is driven by the will to make a positive contribution to the digital transformation. At the intersection of strategy, product management, and delivery, his skills come to play in bringing teams together to introduce products to market. With an obsession for a people-first approach, he has collaborated with influential companies to translate challenges into compelling opportunities to inform, engage and delight their users.

By joining GoLoot, Alex wishes to put to contribution his experience to reshape the advertising narrative and allow advertisers & audiences to achieve more meaningful outcomes.

Jacques Frégault, CTO

Jacques thrives on challenges and is passionate about technology, in every format . He spent most of his career developing and directing innovative products and technology teams in the gaming and entertainment industry (Eidos/Square-Enix, Warner-Bros, Float4, RedpillVR). He deeply enjoys building teams to solve complex problems in a collaborative environment.

By joining GoLoot, Jacques hopes to push the boundaries of advertising technology to break new grounds in interactions between audiences and brands.

Marvin Nguyen, Principal Developer

Marvin is a passionate problem solver, an entrepreneurial spirit and architect passionate about innovation making a high impact on the world. Having worked for various enterprises (Oracle, CAE), Marvin developed unique skills that he invested in various startups, where he found his true professional home.

By joining GoLoot, Marvin pursues his passion of building a product from the ground up and releasing it to customers around the world.


You? We’re hiring!

As we speak, GoLoot is actively looking for a Senior FullStack Developer, a Data Analyst and a UI/UX designer. We invite any of you to reach out with leads, questions or interest at We accept people from all and any background, as long as you thrive on innovation and are always looking to push the boundaries of the digital world. We know this is the right place for you!

We also invite you to follow our LinkedIn page, reach out to any of our team members, and keep an eye on our startup journey. These are incredibly exciting times for GoLoot and we can’t wait to share them with you.


Lucas Béland

CEO & Founder

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